Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to have a look around.  Memorable, eye catching imagery is integral to a brands visual identity. When a companies brand identity and a photographers visual style align, the results can be very special indeed. 

With this as a basis, along with an understanding of the unique needs and ethos of a company, I strive to provide images with a refined aesthetic, that reflect both the brand and the story.  

Since every company's needs are unique, I look to build long term working relationships allowing for a consistent and cohesive "visual voice" along with imagery that is then more easily translated into the many marketing and promotional media opportunities available today. Working together in this way also has the added benefit whereby you can be confident in the knowledge that, at the end of every shoot, you will have exactly what you hoped for and everything you need for all media platforms - website, advertising, publications, brochures, books and of course social media.  

Whatever type of shoot it may be, I bring a flexible set of expertise to the situation. I understand the importance of the details and work closely with clients to translate their vision into valuable visual assets that best represent their brand. A few of the companies I have worked with are shown below...


What is the initial process?

Firstly I like to discuss your general overarching photography needs and also project specific needs.  For example, if you are undertaking a start-up or undergoing a rebrand you may wish to discuss specific shots for your website or re-shoots of previous work so as to keep the new look consistent.  On a project by project basis there may be specific features that need special attention or you may be looking to plan and undertake a creative lifestyle shoot. Whatever it may be, I provide a flexible set of expertise to the situation to ensure you get what you want.

What packages or fee structures do you offer?

I can tailor a package or fee structure to your needs, working within your budget and shoot requirements.

How long is the image turnaround rate?

Contact sheets from the shoot will be provided within a couple of days of the shoot.  Once the selection has been made, the initial image turnaround is 14 days for client proofing.  I can offer expedited turnaround services if required.

Do I shoot outside of London?

Yes, I am more than happy to travel to a shoot both in the UK and internationally.

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